​The Case of the Secretive Sister

​​The Chatterjee Institute of Detection

Crime Fighter for the Common Man.

A delightful read!
​Jug Suraiya

Good old detective fiction!

E. P. Unny, ​Indian Express 

Meet Mr. Chatterjee, sole proprietor of The Chatterjee Institute of Detection and crime fighter for the common man, as he takes on:

The Case of the Secretive Sister

Mr.Chatterjee, faces the most unusual case of his career – to get four year old Pinky Chaddha admitted into Bangalore’s snootiest school. But this seemingly innocuous assignment bristles with danger at every step, for the school’s headmistress is a Machiavellian ​adversary ...

Praise for "The Case of the Secretive Sister"
"Choudhury tells a ripping good yarn, the fast-paced action given resonance by echoes of current moral, political and social issues." - The Times of India

"A grand and frothy manthan of myth, magic, palace intrigue, Wodehouse-ian humour and more! " – 
Mahesh Dattani, Sahitya Akademi Award-winning playwright and film-maker

"Nilanjan Choudhury’s novel creates an engaging mythological universe." –
Business World

"Dig into this spicy concoction of myth, human drama, social satire and humour." –
Deccan Herald  

"A wonderful read." – Bibek Debroy, author and columnist

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"A delightful read. May the Chatterjee Institute of Detection keep on sleuthing in sequels" Jug Suraiya, Author & Columnist

"Good old detective fiction with a touch of levity that will grip readers and keep them in stitches. " – 
E.P. Unny, Author & Chief Political Cartoonist, Indian Express

"A breath of fresh air, where intelligent comedy is served in its full glory."  The Sunday Tribune

​"Has that delicious mix of slapstick and near believability that can tickle the ribs." – Dnaindia.com
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